Can your pursuit of a shidduch benefit from a ShadchanCOACH?

  • Are you spending countless hours spinning your wheels trying to find a Shidduch?
  • Do you feel “they just don’t get it”?
  • What proactive steps are you willing to take to make the shidduch process more positive?

The Rebbe advocated dealing with a Shadchan Ba’al Meretz – one who is dedicated, passionate and has your interests in mind as a priority.

The Rebbe has answered on numerous occasions – Atzas Yedidim U’mevinim – seek the counsel of close acquaintances and those who truly understand you and your situation.

7 Reasons Why Rabbi Moishe Raitman Should Be Your ShadchanCOACH:

1. Through comprehensive conversation and interviews, Rabbi Raitman takes the time and effort to partner with parents and/or singles in seeking your bashert.

2. He will coach you to develop and refine your goals as well as share a wealth of proven strategies to help you navigate through the shidduch process.

3. Identify priorities, do a reality check and guide one’s research and due diligence.

4. Give you an unbiased perspective from the outside looking in.

5. Coach you to identify your limiting constraints and help move you beyond your comfort zone so you can achieve the goals you deserve.

6. Coach you to alleviate frustration and boredom that may inhibit your ability to give dating maximum results.

7. Be accessible during the dating stages so it does not become stagnant. Know when to pull out, when to proceed and when its time to prepare for a L’Chaim.


Serious sports people have coaches… Serious business entrepreneurs have business coaches …

So why not engage a ShadchanCOACH who is as serious as you in finding your bashert?

Be proactive, pick up the phone NOW and arrange an appointment with

Rabbi Moishe Raitman – 847-840-8633
100% Confidentiality Guaranteed.

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