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Is Age Difference an Issue?

8-15-13  The stars are aligned. Character and personalities fit like a glove. It passed the compatibility test. Yes, he/she is a mentsch, mature, sensitive, humorous, goal oriented, worldly, intellectual etc etc …..BUT…yes the big BUT….. she is two years older. Should age difference make such a big difference and if so when? How many suggestions are rejected solely based on age?! The morning after, does it really make such a difference? THINK ABOUT IT!!! (Your comments, input and feedback are welcomed.) read more

Marriage is a HOLY Institution.

8-1-13 I hear this very often: “I know, I know , I know..” Easier said than done because when push comes to shove, they forget.
Marriage is a HOLY institution. This is why it is called KIDDUSHIN. It is NOT the union of two souls. It is the REUNION of two 1/2 souls. Preparing ourselves for marriage and dating takes focus on the significant and what really is important in a marriage and realizing ultimately with one’s emunah and bitachon, they will find their bashert.