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I Am Who I Am


Knowing who to deal with as your shadchan and/or coach is critical to successful dating on many levels. One criteria to apply is to consider whether the shadchan can relate and accept YOU for who YOU are. Unless you have hired their services in the capacity of them being your spiritual mentor or mashpia, a shadchan’s focus should be assisting in finding the person most suitable for YOU; NOT the shadchan.

A shadchan/coach who cannot relate to your circumstances or understand “there are different strokes for different folks”, should not be consulted on issues that pertain and affect YOU. read more

Facebook Posting

There are those who don’t care how they are perceived or viewed. They are who they are and are not living to impress others. They live with the attitude: “I am who I am. Take it or leave it”.

However, there are those who want others to appreciate their inner essence and positive character traits yet feel the need to publicize to the world their hangups and how they chill, have fun and deal with whatever the day serves them. They tend to hang their dirty laundry out in public and then wonder why people have the wrong impression of them. read more

What Can Brown Do For You

UPS Looking for a cheap, affordable and a prompt alternative for finding your bashert? Frustrated that shadchans have no clue or time? We have the perfect solution. UPS!!! Yes UPS that that never fails to deliver on time. With their new slogan, “We (heart) Logistics.”, UPS has gone way past their promise to deliver.

By now I’m sure you have heard how a UPS driver has become the latest Shadchan in vogue. (see story below). But before you start turning to every UPS driver seen on your street, the lesson is clear as daylight. No one knows where the ultimate suggestion for one’s bashert will come from. It could come from an unexpected sources like a non-Jewish UPS driver who knew both parties. If a suggestion is made, don’t rush to discount the messenger. Consider the suggestion. For G-d works in mysterious ways. read more