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Who Can or Cannot a Kohen Marry

Kohen – who he can marry

kohenA Kohen cannot marry the following:     (a) A woman who was previously married and divorced.     (b) A זונה ie a woman who was intimate even once with someone she would not be allowed to marry eg a gentile (goy) or a brother (no difference if raped or consensual).     (c) A woman who converted to yiddishkeit; regardless of what age she was when she converted.     (d) If both parents converted, kohen cannot marry daughter even if she was born after the conversions.           If,  however, girl’s father converted before girl was born, and mother is Jewish from birth, she can marry a kohen.     (e) If girl’s father is not Jewish, girl is considered 100% Jewish from her mother’s side, however initially (lechatchilah) she is not deemed qualified to marry a Kohen.     (f) If on the other hand, the girl only had relations with another Jewish boy, this would not render her unfit to marry a Kohen. : Being or not being a virgin is not the issue at hand. In all cases, one should discuss their specific situation with a competent Rav who deals with these issues.

Focus On The Good. You May Be Pleasantly Surprised.

The Rebbe in His Laboratory Adapted from the teachings of the Rebbe by Yanki Tauber

look through right eyeThe previous Lubavitcher Rebbe, Rabbi Yosef Yitzchak Schneersohn, once referred to a person in a letter as a “G-d fearing man.”

When asked why he bestowed such a title upon a person who is known as an irreligious man, Rabbi Yosef Yitzchak replied:

“When a pathologist is given a blood sample or a particle of body tissue to analyze in his laboratory, he peers at it through his microscope and subjects it to a series of chemical tests and procedures. If he finds so much as the slightest trace of a certain element, or a single cell of a certain organism, he notes this in his report. For though the quantity he discerns might be minuscule and hardly worthy of regard, it points to the existence, or the potential for the existence, of much greater quantities in the person. read more

Parental Involvement

parental involvementShe was an American girl from California who had just discovered her Jewish roots. She was learning in a girls’ seminary for people just like her. But her mother had not yet accepted this determination of hers to become religious, and every visit to her home in California ended up being a nightmare of disagreements and explosions.

“That’s it!” She told her friends. “I am cutting off relations with my mother. If she isn’t willing to accept me, then I won’t accept her.”

Her friends begged her: “This is a fateful move. Go the Rebbe, ask him for his advice.” read more

Dor Yesharim – When Should DY Be Checked

dor yesharimBelow I will post purpose and reasons for DY testing as provided by the Chicago Center for Jewish Genetic Disorders and Children’s Memorial Hospital.

Recently the question has been posed, when should one check for DY compatibility – before considering any suggestions or only after both sides have done their due diligence and are ready to proceed to date?

In my opinion, DY checking should only be done once all due diligence has finished and both families are ready to proceed. The exception would only be in the circumstance where both sides are aware that a specific genetic problem may be present. Otherwise, protocol is not to check DY every time a suggestion is made. read more