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The Season of Renewal

renewגמר חתימה טובה

Having just experienced another spiritually uplifting and inspirational Rosh Hashana, and preparing for a meaningful, soul-introspective Yom Kippur, let us reflect on the “call of the moment” and how it applies for the coming year.

The central theme of Tishrei is “RENEWAL“. It begins with Rosh Hashana, with the word SHANA (שנה) coming from the etymological root word SHINUI (שינוי) – CHANGE. It’s a time when we take stock of the past year’s happenings and our actions (or lack of) and make positive adjustments and resolutions for the upcoming year. read more

YEAR 5777 – The ABC’s Of Dating And Marriage

5777 – תשע”ז = Roshei Teivos –  תהא שנת עז 

Wishing you all, but not limited to, a year full of: Achdus, Ahava and Achva, Attraction, Affection, Awareness, Aligning and Abundance ashert, Bitochon, Brocha, Binyan Adei Ad, Belief, Being, Belonging, Bonding and Balanced Chuppah, Celebration, Chesed, Chemistry, Compatibility, Clarity, Constructiveness, Caring, Communication, Commitment, Courage, Charming, Content, Character, Connection, Calmness and Chosson Dating, Davening, Devotion, Dancing, Decisions and Decisiveness Engagement, Enjoyment, Enduring, Energy, Emotional, Exciting and Emes Fulfillment, Friendship, Freedom, Forgiveness and Focus Giving, G-dly, Gratitude and Genuine Hashem, Hashgocha Protis, Hashkafa, Happiness, Honesty, Humility, Health and Heart Inspiration, Interesting, Intriguing, Intuition, Investment, Infusion and Intimacy Justice and Joy Kiddushin, Kesuva, Kindness, Knowledgeable and Kallah Love, Life, Laughter, Listening, Linking, Language, Light, Lebedik and Le’Chaim Mazel, Marriage Mitzvos, Mentsh, Mashpia, Mentor, Meaningful and Moshiach issuin, Nachas, Needs, Nurturing, Networking and Non-judgemental Open heart and Other person, Optimisim ositive, Pnimiyus, Proactive, Purpose, Pleasure, Prayers, Practical, Priorities, Philosophies, Perspective and Parnassa Quality and Quest Reason, Rei’us (רעות), Reality, Relationship, Respect, Renewal and Ring hidduch, Shadchan, Sasson, Simcha, Segulah, Shalom, Sharing, Spirituality, Success, Simplicity, Sensitivity, Selflessness, Support, Special, Standards, Serenity and Strength (עז) Torah, Tefilla , Tzedaka, Trust, Thoughfulness and Truth Understanding, United, Union and Unique Values, Virtues, Vibrant, Views and Vulnerable Wealth, Worldly, Wisdom and Wonders Xactly what you need Yearning and Yiras Shamayim Zeal and Zechusim! Kesiva Ve’chasima Tova and a Gut Gebencht Yohr! Hashem Yemaleh Kol Mishalos Lebecha Le’Tova! Have a wonderful Yom Tov!