Mother’s Day – Finding The Ideal Wife

This past Sunday (Lag B’Omer) the world celebrated Mother’s Day. It’s true – Mother’s Day is every day. However, we tend to take our mothers for granted. We expect them to produce and they never let us down. We may think mothers are always over protective, over sensitive and controlling. But in reality, mothers are our therapists, mentors, counselors, cooks, cleaners, doctors, nurses, seamstresses, chauffeurs and drivers, greatest cheerleaders and supporters (fans). But it takes a designated day of celebration to reflect and appreciate how integral mothers are to the fabric of the family. They are known to be the akeres habayis – foundation of the household – because without their constant contribution and involvement, everything around them would come tumbling down.

How many men do you think would sign up to the job women accept willingly and with pride?

Marriage is not only about choosing a wife or a spouse to fulfill one’s own needs. A wife wears multiple hats including being the mother of one’s children.

A woman must realize what she is signing up for, what are the expectations being placed on her and the central role they will play in the dynamics of the household.

A man must ask himself, “is the woman who he is dating the person he wishes to be the mother of his children?” “Is she the role model and woman with whom he wishes to entrust the raising of his children?”

And most importantly he must ask himself, “am I worthy of being the husband to my Eishes Chayil to be?”

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