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Dor Yesharim – When Should DY Be Checked

dor yesharimBelow I will post purpose and reasons for DY testing as provided by the Chicago Center for Jewish Genetic Disorders and Children’s Memorial Hospital.

Recently the question has been posed, when should one check for DY compatibility – before considering any suggestions or only after both sides have done their due diligence and are ready to proceed to date?

In my opinion, DY checking should only be done once all due diligence has finished and both families are ready to proceed. The exception would only be in the circumstance where both sides are aware that a specific genetic problem may be present. Otherwise, protocol is not to check DY every time a suggestion is made. read more

What Can Brown Do For You

UPS Looking for a cheap, affordable and a prompt alternative for finding your bashert? Frustrated that shadchans have no clue or time? We have the perfect solution. UPS!!! Yes UPS that that never fails to deliver on time. With their new slogan, “We (heart) Logistics.”, UPS has gone way past their promise to deliver.

By now I’m sure you have heard how a UPS driver has become the latest Shadchan in vogue. (see story below). But before you start turning to every UPS driver seen on your street, the lesson is clear as daylight. No one knows where the ultimate suggestion for one’s bashert will come from. It could come from an unexpected sources like a non-Jewish UPS driver who knew both parties. If a suggestion is made, don’t rush to discount the messenger. Consider the suggestion. For G-d works in mysterious ways. read more

Who Are You Today

Very often I will hear how suggestions being made by family, friends, neighbors and shadchanim are way out of the ball park. The question is WHY? Do people looking out for your interests have no clue who you are you? Or more likely, have your choices and standards changed without telling anybody?

I once received a profile from someone who is chassidish, attends shiurim and minyan, wants an open house Chabad House style etc etc. A number of months later I was given a profile of someone who enjoys the outdoors, hobbies include…, likes… however no mention of chassidishkeit.  read more

Dor Yesharim Testing

2-18-14 – Dor Yesharim Testing

I often hear if one is dating someone of Sephardic descent, that they needn’t test with Dor Yesharim. Recently I attended a workshop with Dr. Zev Zlatopolsky, M.A., Director of the Dept. of Pre-Implantation Genetics at the Reproductive Genetics Institute, Chicago, who is consulted daily by Rabbonim, Shadchanim and individuals worldwide, who debunked this notion and strongly encouraged a Dor Yesharim test for all individuals regardless of being Sephardi or Ashkenazi. read more