Initial Interview

The ShadchanCOACH provides a multi-dimensional approach that assists singles throughout the shidduch dating process.

It is imperative for you to be aware of what can be expected, and what is expected from you, the participant, in order to receive the full benefit of this system.

What is Included

ShadchanCOACH services include an initial interview, a review and edit of your personal profile, and scheduled in-person, phone or video-phone (Skype) sessions with Rabbi Raitman.

Initial Interview

[a] The initial interview will take 60-90 minutes.

[b] The purpose of the initial interview is to acquaint Rabbi Raitman with you. This is the time to discuss general and specific concerns regarding your experiences and feelings about the dating process, to define who you really are, and what you are seeking in a spouse.

[c] He will ensure that you are presenting yourself in the most beneficial manner possible and discuss certain issues and situations that you many not be aware of.

[d] A fee of $200 is due before the scheduled time of the interview, payable through Paypal, bank transfer, cash or check, unless prior arrangements have been made.

[e] Please give at least 24 hours notice if you will be unable to keep the scheduled appointment.

Profile Review

Please have 2 copies of your existing profile and photographs ready for the interview. Email the profile and photographs in advance and have a copy open for yourself if an on-line interview is scheduled.  Rabbi Raitman may make suggestions for changing your profile, so have a means to take notes.

Read Terms and Conditions before interview.

To schedule an interview, please contact Rabbi Moishe Raitman.

100% Confidentiality Guaranteed.



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