Services and Pricing

Basic registration package 

$200 – Initial interview – 60-90 minutes; profile preparation/review; general shidduch overview of what can be expected and address any specific concerns.

It is highly recommended that the interview be with the shidduch prospect. However, it can also be conducted with the parent should the bochur/girl prefer not to meet the ShadchanCOACH.

In addition to the initial interview, ShadchanCOACH provides coaching services beyond what is included in the Basic Registration package.

Shidduch Consultation/Reference checking

$20 per unit. Each unit is a minimum 15 minutes.

All coaching calls should be pre-scheduled.

Reference Research

$800 for 10 hours of research

Crucial to one’s own profile and seeking information about a prospective date is the references listed. It is extremely important the references listed give accurate descriptions and are willing to participate in this part of the process.

Likewise, in researching a suggestion, it is extremely important to know what questions to ask to elicit true information and expose any ‘red flags’ or issues of concern.

Personal 1on1 Coaching

$800/month for 6 months. Payments to made at the beginning of each month or on designated dates.

ShadchanCOACH will dedicate on an average ½ an hour a day for 5 days a week (ie 2 ½ hrs/wk; 10 hrs/mo).

Coaching includes but not limited to:

  • Introduction to dating and marriage in general.
  • On-going shidduch coaching, guidance, advice, counseling.
  • Weekly communication with client
  • Guidance how to expand network and receive more shidduch prospects.
  • How to do due diligence.
  • Counseling before and after each date.
  • Dating tips and techniques.
  • How to overcome challenges, doubts and dilemmas.
  • Consultation with parents if necessary.

ShadchanCOACH will advise client if more than ½ hour per day is required. Client is expected to actively participate in finding their bashert by following the directives of the ShadchanCOACH.

ShadchanCOACH is often consulted for guidance and mentoring even if they are working together with another Shadchan who is facilitating the date.
Please note that paying the
ShadchanCOACH for coaching does not relieve one from paying Shadchonus Gelt to the official Shadchan.

To schedule an appointment, please contact Rabbi Moishe Raitman.

100% Confidentiality Guaranteed.


[a] Payments can be made with a credit card using paypal.
Send to email address:

[b] Sending check to mailing address:
Rabbi Moishe Raitman 237 Thelin Ct, Wilmette IL 60091

[c] Chase quickpay or direct deposit into Chase bank account. Inquire for account information.

Making a payment confirms you agree to the Terms and Conditions.


3 thoughts on “Services and Pricing

    1. Absolutely. I will contact you to discuss. Everyone situation is different so I look forward to speaking with you to see how I can be of assistance.

  1. I’m a bit confused about the pricing. I understand that the initial interview is $200. Does this fee cover looking for matches? In the section describing “shadchan coaching,” you guarantee a certain amount of time spent coaching the single. Is there a guaranteed amount of time that you spend searching for matches for the single as covered by this fee? Do we need to keep reminding you and sending you presents like we do with other shadchanim? If it takes a certain amount of time – say 11 months – do we pay another $200 to make sure you are still searching?

    As for the next two services, as they seem to overlap a bit, I’d like to understand the details of each service and what makes it different from the other service. First, there is a $25 charge per each “reference checking.” Does this mean that you basically call each reference listed just to make sure that they can be reached? Do you ask them any questions at this point? The next service, “Reference Research,” seems a bit intertwined with Reference Research. Does the 10 hours include each reference? What type of research is involved?

    I believe the Shadchan Coaching Service is pretty self-explanatory.

    Finally, the Shadchan Gelt. I have absolutely no problem with paying that fee, of course. (Not that I have a problem with the others, either.) Do you have a set rate for the Shadchan Gelt? Families have differing amounts of money they feel they can pay for this. (Especially since they are now facing engagement, wedding, etc. expenses.) Some of us have married off other children, and have an idea of what they usually pay.
    How does this work with you?

    Thank you for your attention.

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