Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

ShadchanCOACH will always give an honest, current assessment of the candidate’s situation and what we feel the candidate can and should do differently.

Your personal effort and a willingness to accept these suggestions are key to successful coaching.

The ShadchanCOACH strives to communicate clearly in a professional manner respectful of your dignity and with consideration for your privacy.  Your personal information will be shared with others only for the purposes of pursuing shidduchim in your interest.

Important – Please Note:

NO GUARANTEES – Compatible Shidduch Suggestions Cannot Be Guaranteed

As much as we would like to, Rabbi Raitman and ShadchanCOACH make no guarantees to provide shidduch suggestions immediately upon meeting a candidate.  We also cannot promise that we will be the ones to find your bashert, and we cannot promise to make suggestions that are fully to your liking.  We can only promise to try.

ShadchanCOACH partners together with you in helping find your bashert.

Extensive Research in Every Case is Not Provided

While the ShadchanCOACH may offer names and concrete suggestions, please be aware that it is always up to the candidate or the candidate’s parents to do due diligence in researching the suggestion. In addition, because it is impossible to know every available shidduch candidate well, not every suggestion comes with the same level of pre-screening.  Please verify with the ShadchanCOACH at the time of the suggestion to avoid any misunderstandings.

Phone and Email Availability is Subject to Circumstances

Candidates will be given the utmost and full attention during their scheduled appointment sessions!  However, due to the high demand for ShadchanCOACH services, instant and unlimited phone, texting, or email availability is not guaranteed, with the exception of calls regarding shidduchim in progress.

Other Venues

The Shidduch process is one that is dictated by Hashgocho Protis; not by human beings, however talented or committed.  There are many ways that one can increase their spiritual efforts, in addition to taking practical steps.  Davening, giving tzedakah daily, reading Eternal Joy, doing chesed, joining a local shidduch group, and approaching more than one shadchan are just some suggestions.

Fees and Payment

Thank you for respecting Rabbi Raitman’s time and effort by prompt payment.

Interview, Consultation and Coaching Fees

Initial interview, Consultation and Coaching fees are due upon scheduling. Paypal, bank account deposit or transfer, or payment in person before the beginning of the interview session is expected.  Alternate arrangements may be made on a case-by-case basis.
Paypal payments can be made in The Services and Pricing Section.

Shadchan Gelt

Paying Shadchonus Gelt is a halachic requirement that is vital for the shalom bayis and well-being of the marriage.

Upon the successful completion of a shidduch, the customary shadchan fee of $1250 minimum per side will be due. This does not include the initial interview fee or any additional coaching package fees (see The Services and Pricing Section).

If a shidduch suggestion made by ShadchanCOACH Rabbi Raitman is successful with or without his involvement afterwards, he will be entitled to receive non-refundable full Shadchan Gelt upon the engagement.

Should a setup shidduch date not materialize into an engagement, a minimum of $100 should be paid to the ShadchanCOACH relative to the time invested.




4 thoughts on “Terms and Conditions

  1. Are all of your singles Chabad? Or Chassidic? Do you have singles that are “Chabad friendly” but more modern orthodox? My single is looking for a YU type of match. Is it worth our while to sign up with you?

    1. I do have chabad friendly singles. We can talk to discuss how I can help and if it suits your needs.

  2. Please clarify this “Should a setup shidduch date not materialize into an engagement, a minimum of $100 should be paid to the ShadchanCOACH relative to the time invested.”
    What is a setup shidduch date?
    When does it happen in the process and how often might this occur?
    Thank you

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