“Thank you for going above and beyond during your recent trip to Israel for speaking to our men and women student programs. The feedback from the shluchim, shluchos and students has been excellent. They found your presentation very informative and beneficial.”

Mayanot Institute of Jewish Studies – Jerusalem

“…I am a shadchan with over 23 years experience. I am also a parent of a few kids who are reaching the age of shidduchim, so I have dealt with Moishe both as a fellow shadchan, trying behind the scenes to help match young people up, and also as a parent of children of marriageable age. All I can say is what a pleasure it is to do business with Moishe. My husband and I really appreciate his sensitivity and intuitiveness, and his reliability. Many people have been helped and guided by him and I highly recommend him as both a caring and dedicated shadchan and as a mentor to parents, fellow shadchonim and people who are going through this very crucial stage of life of being  “in the parsha”, especially young people. Moishe has a wonderful common sense and a winning sense of humor and has been through the “system”, absorbing solid chassidishe values from his mashpiim and teachers.

The Chabad community is indeed blessed that Rabbi Moishe Raitman has dedicated so much of his time, effort and expertise to this vital area.

M.S. Melbourne Australia


It was really pleasant dealing with you. You really care and you really tune in and LISTEN. I think you are a great communicator and since there are often miscommunications in the negotiations of a shidduch since it goes through a middleman, your skill enabled a smoother process.  You are upbeat and positive.  I especially appreciate that you encouraged, yet never pressured, never got negative.

S.B. Los Angeles CA


It is my absolute pleasure to write the following testimonial because, truth be told, the couple of times I did have the good fortune of dealing with Reb Moishe on shidduch ideas for my son and daughter were hands-down the most pleasant, fluid and reassuring experiences I’ve had in all my dealings with many shadchonim. When my brother called to discuss the issue of shidduchim/shadchonim with me, I shared with him as much. After speaking with you, he told me that in working with you, he, too, experienced a level of confidence, patience, empathy and mentshlichkeit that, unfortunately, was simply not to be found elsewhere in our system.

I wish you much hatzlacha in this wonderful endeavor you are about to embark upon.

All the best,


Dear Reb Moishe,

I would like to tell you what a breath of fresh air it was to deal with you on shidduch prospects for my son and daughter. How refreshing indeed to work with a shadchan who not only returns calls and emails promptly and diligently, but one who actually takes the time to really get to know the young people he is trying to match up!  Your very genuine interest in their character, and their expressed wants and needs, were most apparent throughout. Furthermore, once they did go out, you displayed remarkable wisdom, patience and sensitivity in offering your counsel and in helping us navigate the bumps in the road.

When talking to you, I never got the sense that it was a salesman doing a pitch or trying to close a deal, but rather, a real mentsh who was ever cognizant of the awesome nature of what he was involved in; a Chosid truly looking out for the well-being of two young people about to take a step that would set the course of the rest of their lives.

I thank you and commend you, and wish you much continued hatzlacha in your sacred endeavors.

 MB Los Angeles CA


In all of my Shiduch experiences I have never met a more upstanding individual than Moishe Raitman. In my opinion, he is a first rate Shadchan with the integrity; knowledge and comprehension to make everyone’s ride an easy one. He is most attentive to the matter at hand and works tirelessly to accommodate.”

LG Los Angeles CA


I find Rabbi Moishe Raitman’s approach to dealing with shidduchim to be caring and introspective. He tries to deal with the individual issues and stresses important points to focus on in this complex endeavor.

I thank him for his input.

KP Melbourne Australia


Great speaking to you, you revived my belief in people…

Thank You

YD Monsey NY


I will attempt to answer all the questions.  By the way, they’re really good questions.

I have yet to deal with someone so thorough.

CF Miami FL


Dear Rabbi Raitman,

Now that things have settled down and I’m getting adjusted to married life, I wanted to take time out to put my appreciation for all that you have done for me (and my wife) throughout the shidduch process in writing. As I’m sure you remember, I was concerned about my prospects for a good shidduch when we were about to begin. It was your reassuring advice about all of my questions, from the smallest detail to the largest issue, that helped my wife and I find each other. I liked very much the fact that you dealt with both sides in an extremely tznius and private way so as to allow the relationship to take root appropriately. As with all new couples, there are certain bumps along the way, and your constant assistance smoothed them over, making the engagement period an especially important and unique experience.

Thank you so much once again.

MF Chicago IL


‘I have spoken to many shadchanim and Rabbi Raitman is a shadchan who actually took the time to get to know me and what I am looking for in a genuine and detailed manner. Not only did he help me refine my resume but I did not feel rushed and felt comfortable to address anything else that was important to me. I now have a more realistic and practical perspective to dealing with shidduchim’.

DS Los Angeles CA


I feel very blessed to be working with Rabbi Moishe Raitman. When beginning the search for the right shidduch, many calls took place to various shadchanim around the country. Unfortunately, my experiences were not very pleasant. Much of the time, the shadchanim tended to be misleading. First conversations were hopeful, but after countless, empty promises made, it was time to find a shadchan that actually cared.

Moishe Raitman exemplifies the ideal shaddchan any mother could ask for. When he

says, “I’ll call you back,” he means it.

Rabbi Moishe Raitman is a true, Baal Meretz. To him, shaddchanus is his form of shlichus and

he is doing a fabulous job!

KH Texas


For me, like most girls, meeting a Shadchan is annoying but necessary which comes with anxiety and hesitation.

To my surprise, meeting Rabbi Raitman was pleasant and comfortable. He’s professional, perceptive, and personal and therefore respectful of who I am and what I am looking for. We covered a lot of ground in a short amount of time, given his goal oriented and down to earth nature. I walked away feeling like something productive would come out of this.

CR Chicago


Thank you Rabbi Raitman for eagerly making yourself available to assist me in editing my profile to be more presentable, and for taking a personal interest in helping to move along in the shidduchim process. I found it very easy to speak to you, and I appreciated your understanding & non-judgmental outlook. You truly showed how much you care with your diligence in immediate follow up suggestions, so as not to waste a minute!

I have already recommended my friends to be in touch with you.

May Hashem continue to give you success in helping young woman & bochurim to find their true Bashert in a happy and clear manner!

CG Brooklyn NY


It was a pleasure working with Rabbi Raitman. He was attentive to every

detail, always very patient and responsible and showed good judgement.

CL  Chicago, Illinois


Dear Rabbi Raitman,

I truly do want to thank you for taking your time to meet with XXXX and then once again, taking the time to share your insights with me.  You have helped us in ways you cannot imagine.  She was already spoken to and your advice was taken to heart.  Yes, it was a little bit painful at first but she quickly picked herself up and did what she needed to do.

Thank you for being honest in a kind, understanding and sensitive way.  I haven’t figured out if you have a gift for insight or you have developed this talent on your own.  Whatever the case, you have an incredible way of communicating your perceptions in a clear and constructive manner.

Originally I didn’t know what to expect… I was told you’re great and I figured if she went to you, you would somehow create a match.  But you made us realise that we cannot just sit back and wish for what we want, we need to do our own work in many different areas.  You took your time to get to know her.  You noticed her strong points and pointed out the points in which she needs to work on herself.  You set it out with clear and concise directions.  Things that we always regarded as insignificant, you made us realise just how important they really are.

Although she did not walk out from your office engaged.  You have opened up our eyes to things that we knew were always true but was too painful to face so we sort of “wished them away”.  Most of the time the shadchan will just rehash all the old names, sympathise with us about the shidduch crises and just say “yup, there are just no boys”.  It’s a helpless feeling and it makes us feel that we are just another victim.  But you took on a whole other perspective.  You started with the profile and covered every other area from there on.  You made us realise that the only thing that we have the power to work on is ourselves and there sure seems to be what to work on.  We don’t seem to be done yet but you assured us that you’ll walk us through this one step at a time.

Thank you Rabbi Raitman.  May you use the wisdom and human understanding that you have displayed  to  help people to be the best that they can be. Hashem should then bless you that you should be able to help them find their bashert.

All the best,

SM Baltimore


Dear Rabbi Raitman,

On behalf of the Chicago Shidduch Group, I want to thank you for coming out to our gathering tonight to give us valuable insights and chizuk re:  shidduchim.  Even more than that, we all appreciate the time and earnest efforts you have put into the holy avodah of shadchanus, on behalf of your friends in Chicago, and the world over.  Hatzlocha rabbah in your endeavors to create a FUNCTIONAL Lubavitch shidduch system, the sooner the better!!   Hashem should bless you with the health, strength, patience and money to persevere till the job is done. . .

Many, many thanks again!

Elana Bergovoy
Shidduch Group Network
___________________________________________________________________________Dear Rabbi Raitman,I don’t think I can find the right words to express how thankful we are to you for all your help with our daughter’s shidduch.Coaching to help her understand what she really needed, preparing her for her date, and helping us understand why we needed more time.may you be blessed with continued success in Shidduchim.
Sincerely,RB Chicago
___________________________________________________________________________It’s hard for me to put my thoughts into words, because I feel nothing will do justice.  Rabbi Raitman is a G-d send.  He took a genuine, personal interest in who I am and what I was looking for.  Rabbi Raitman is not a shadchan who will throw random names at you.  It may take a few weeks or even a few months, but it is worth it to be patient because he will only suggest a name if he feels it has a chance and is appropriate.  After every date Rabbi Raitman was there and on top of things.  Always gave good advice and guidance no matter what issue came up.  He answered and returned phone calls right away never left me hanging.  Always nice and pleasant. Pleasure to deal with! I am indebted to him forever.

SR Montreal

Working with Rabbi Moishe Raitman is an enjoyable and rewarding process from beginning to the present (for there is no end, he’s still in touch even after marriage)! From the moment he sat down with each of us at our initial interviews, we could see that he had a natural ability to decipher people’s personalities, understand their strengths and their weaknesses, and with Hashem’s help suggest good matches. What was most amazing was that he saw each of us for who we are and not as people who had to fit a certain mold. Throughout the dating process, Rabbi Raitman was available at all hours of the day and night! With continuous words of encouragement, practical advice, and guidance based on teachings of the Rebbe, he always showed his genuine care. Rabbi Raitman made sure everything was done properly, appropriately, and enjoyably throughout our experience. Thank you Rabbi Raitman!

LW Chicago

When speaking to R. Moishe Raitman, I am convinced that I am the only person he is working with and primary concern. Obviously, I know this is false, but his calm manner of speaking and way of making himself available whenever I call never cease to amaze me.  His dedication in assisting those he is helping through the mental and emotional trials of shidduchim was unprecedented by anyone that I have previously worked with.

The way he approaches shidduchim makes it evident that R. Raitman has no agenda other than helping each person find his/her b’shert. Not only do his relevant remarks and questions lead one to clarity in terms of Shidduchim, but his humor and positive attitude are refreshing as well.
In sum: The headline of his website “Making Shidduchim a Positive Experience” could not be more true.
Thank You, R. Raitman.RS New York
___________________________________________________________________________I just wanted to let you know that I’m very impressed with your involvement and dedication in this last shidduch. You really helped me through the whole process and I definitely appreciate it. Without your guidance and help, there is no way I could have navigated through all the challenges that I had no idea lay ahead of me. Even though there was another shadchan involved, your coaching was spot on and invaluable. Getting closer to the right one!BC Montreal
___________________________________________________________________________BH we have married off a number of children, but never had such a smooth experience as now with Rabbi Raitman. He is patient, understanding and carefully avoids potential pitfalls for both sides. I highly recommend him highly for the shidduch process which can be a complex experience without a coach’s guidance.BA New Jersey
It was rather hard for me to push past my preconception of a 
Shadchan as being superficial, condemnatory, meddlesome, snoopy, undependable and petty when it comes to Shidduchim. I am, however, glad I did because R. Raitman portrays none of these “typical” Shadchan characteristics. I was initially nervous before the get-to-know-you Skype interview, but had little reason to be.

R. Raitman made me feel comfortable and at ease with his perceptive questions and non-judgmental manner. He asked productive questions and gave me excellent suggestions for bolstering my Shidduch résumé and to assemble a healthier “kli” for receiving the blessing of finding my mate. All in all I feel that R. Reitman really got to know me and feel confident that his future coaching will be an imperative aspect in the coming events.

Many thanks.


Hi Rabbi Raitman,

I feel so so appreciative and impressed by ur care and calling 2day. Thanks so much for being straight fwd and honest about the feedback u got on the picture… It definitely got me to think more about the issues we discussed and how I feel about it… I’ll see what I come up with it but regardless of what I finally decide, ur perspective and honest feedback is so so valuable to me!

Thanks again,

ED Brooklyn

thank you for all your help it has been a real pleasure working with you
thank you for all your time and advice its been very helpful

SR England

Dear Rabbi Raitman

I am grateful for your amazing efforts on our behalf.
Your feedback has been immensely constructive

AB Montreal

Thank you Rabbi Raitman for squeezing my daughter into your busy schedule to answer her specific questions and clarifying how to address some of her concerns.

Likewise, we were amazed how we as parents thought we were on the same page as her yet as you pointed out, we were not understanding her reservations and priorities.
MR Milwaukee
“Rabbi Raitman’s shadchan coaching really helped me make the right decisions when it came to shidduchim. Many suggestions made were not in my best interests and Rabbi Raitman was able to protect me from getting involved in situation and possible relationships that would have been to my detriment. Rabbi Raitman also kept my parents totally involved and updated even though they are not Chabad religious.

But it was only after I got married and began speaking with other Bochurim and chassanim going through their turmoil that I truly realized how grateful I was for having Rabbi Raitman through the process…

Often, the engagements can bring about more complications than even the dating process because the parents are now fully involved in addition to only the bride and groom… This is a very sensitive time and it is very easy for miscommunication to happen between all of the different individuals involved… This is where Rabbi Raitman helped out the most he was able to make sure everyone was on the same page with regards to a lot of the logistics etc. etc.”
CJ Chicago
There were a couple instances where i was unable to see things clearly while dating and neither did I feel people around me (family and friends) had clear advise for my specific dating situation. However, once I got in touch with Rabbi Raitman I was given a sense of clarity as to what I was really faced with hence making my decision simple and straight forward. I think while dating one of the key things to minimise anxiety is to be able to make the decision on your own as supposed to just doing what other people tell you. I felt that Rabbi Raitman is able to give you the clarity and knowledge to make the decision on your own in an understanding manner without pushing you in any which direction.
Without Rabbi Raitman’s guidance, I wouldn’t have avoided a disastrous situation previously, and I wouldn’t have committed to the happily married relationship I am now in.
CN London
Dear Rabbi Raitman,
BH I can’t thank you enough for your patience and advice to turn around a shidduch that was going nowhere. IYH tomorrow we will be going to the Ohel to make it official. It’s amazing and I can’t believe the miracle you pulled off.
HD Toronto

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